Friday, August 03, 2007


Evalyn had her friend Hope over to play this afternoon. They started turning this box into a Sponge Bob Squarepants costume by poking holes through the cardboard. And I was thinking I might have trouble coming up with interesting photos to post!

It's been tough to get much done around here. During the summer our three or four day weekends were filled with getting ready for the next trip as well as enjoying some well-earned down time. Tuesday would've been the day we hit the road again, and round about Wednesday it hit me - Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to be working! I DO have a job after all...

Seems like I'm spending all most as much time lately planning as I am actually working on anything. But that's what it takes sometimes to be a self-motivated work-at-home kind of dude. I've been trying to figure out my focus for the next few months, and yesterday the obvious finally hit me - I wrote it with my finger in the dust on my computer screen to remind myself - "I am a songwriter!"

So I got lots of little things done today: I started organizing the studio (see last Saturday's post), put some stuff on the calendar, uploaded some songs to Find-a-Song. All that's left on the to-do list is SONGWRITING. Why do I tend to put that off? A little writing every day keeps the momentum going, but it's been a while... I wonder if this paragraph will sing very well. I need to make it rhyme. Oh, I did - can you tell?

Tomorrow we're heading to the zoo with Evalyn. We can't really afford to take a proper vacation before school starts; Our travel budget is tied up by a trip to New York coming up in September for the Children's Music Network's annual national conference. So we're taking a couple of short day trips and we've promised to go swimming twice.

So check in tomorrow for zoo photos. Lisa always takes some great ones!!

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