Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pass It On!

I spent much of today setting up interviews for applicants for the position of Pass It On! Editor. Pass It On! is the journal of the Children's Music Network, upon whose board I am currently serving. Just doing my part to make the world safe for children's music!

If you work with kids and music in any capacity (including as a parent), you might want to check CMN out - it's a very cool networking and support organization. My family and I look forward to the national conference every Fall, where I can hang out with other folks who do what I do, Lisa can network for her podcast, and Evalyn gets to soak up attention from dozens of musical adults.

In fact, here are some photos from two years ago (last year's conference photos weren't handy)... Evalyn participating in a workshop with Jackson Gilman (in purple), and Evalyn zonked in Mom's lap after a late concert.

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