Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lisa's Zoo Photos

Today was our trip to the zoo. As I predicted, Lisa took some really great photos!

Here is one of the red panda. We've never seen it very active before, but today it was pacing around up and down the tree in its enclosure.

Here is a meerkat poking his head up.

We spent a lot of time in the butterfly garden, where the bumblebees made Evalyn nervous. This photo could be a post card. Beautiful!

This grizzly bear walked all the way across his enclosure (which is huge) to find the little piece of wood he's nosing in this photo, then brought it back in his teeth and put it in the water to play with. The bears are endlessly fascinating to me. It looks as though they've been digging a den; there's a big hole with a huge mound of fresh red earth in front of it, right out in the middle of the enclosure.

It was great to spend the day doing fun stuff with my family! I'm a lucky guy and I know it!

Next week, I'll tell you about the new songs I'll be working on, I have a performance at the Bartlesville Public Library (Friday 8/10 at 6:30 PM), and hopefully I'll be able to reveal something about a brand new project I'm launching... Please stay tuned!

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