Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blanchard, Shawnee, Medford, Mustang

I did the first two of eleven shows for the Pioneer Library System yesterday, at Shawnee and Blanchard (the rest of the PLS is next week). I had to go without my family because Evalyn was starting her summer dance lessons.

I must confess that I wasn't sure how I'd do without "Oklahoma Annie" in the lineup, since a lot of folks are mentioning that as their favorite. But I needn't have worried. Both shows were great, and the audience feedback was fantastic! (Pioneer libraries collect comments on little green slips of paper to share with their sponsors.) Parents appreciated learning some Oklahoma history and the participation built into the show, the kids liked "Silly Song" and "Oklahoma Land Rush, 1889" and "Oklahoma Kids a Kaleidoscope."

Speaking of which, I owe Evalyn a debt of gratitude concerning that song. After the first week of shows Lisa and I were discussing which song to drop; I had one more song than I needed in the lineup. We thought about dropping "Oklahoma Kids" because the audience response just didn't seem that great. But then Evalyn selected it as her favorite on my new cd, to feature on Lisa's podcast. And when we asked her about dropping it she said "No!"

I guess I was pretty insecure about that song because it's not funny - it's a very sincere and even pretty song - so different for me! I think I wasn't giving it a real chance. Half-way believing I'd drop it from the show anyway I had barely learned it, but with Evalyn's encouragement I decided to polish up my performance and give it another week. She even came up to sing it with me at a couple of shows, and lately it's been going really well. I've even had several kids tell me it's their favorite, including one today at the Medford library.

The photo above includes about half of today's audience. The three boys to the left of me wanted to take a photo for the website and the other kids just started adding themselves to the shot.

On the way home, Evalyn got sick and literally tossed her cookies. It was very odd - no other symptoms. She took a long nap after we got home, and we gave her some medicine for the nausea, so right now she's very spunky. We have to wait and see whether she'll be up to traveling for tomorrow's show in Mustang.

See you at the library!

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