Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Now It's a Lost Tooth...

What an eventful day! We had two great shows at the library in McAlester. I am relaxing into the show more. My performances today were some of the best I've given so far, and Evalyn of course enjoyed loads of praise and attention for her singing.

Then just as we got packed up and ready to head home, she pulled out her second tooth. It had been very loose for days, and with plenty of advice from the kids hanging out at the library, she finally got up the nerve to pop it out.

Well, Lisa wrapped it in a napkin and put it in her pocket. Fast forward to this evening - Lisa's pocket is empty. Where's the tooth? It's a complete and total mystery. She doesn't remember taking it out of her pocket. We searched everywhere - through all the trash, the car - it's just gone. I suspected the tooth fairy of having snatched it early, but Evalyn thinks not.

Then Lisa remembered that we needed to release the butterflies (see earlier posts)! We'll be gone overnight and can't feed them, plus they really need to be free so they can lead happy butterfly lives. So we searched for a blank mini-DV tape and headed outdoors to see our little friends off.

We attracted quite a crowd of neighborhood kids observing and helping. Evalyn got pretty good at coaxing the butterflies onto her fingers so she could get them out of their enclosure and release them. The kids were particularly intrigued by a couple of pairs of butterflies who had somehow become stuck together. Ah, the mysteries of life.

Well, what with lost teeth and butterflies, I am now up way later than I should be. The relentlessness of our schedule is catching up to all of us this week. Lisa and I are tired, and Evalyn is downright loopy at times. But we are happy.

The solution to the lost tooth incident is testament to that. Evalyn was miffed, but seems to have forgiven Lisa rather easily. She fashioned a replacement tooth out of paper, and decorated it very colorfully like an Easter egg, with "I Love You" written on it. She's very excited about this, and figures maybe the tooth fairy will use her paper tooth for a banner in Tooth Fairy Town. Which reminds me, I have one last thing to do before I go to bed...

See you at the library!

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