Monday, June 11, 2007

Oklahoma Kids, a Kaleidoscope

We had a fantastic program today at the library in Watonga! The kids were great participators and great listeners. In the photo we're doing the "Wind Energy Song" - I often like to stand on a chair for that one, but the ceiling was too low today. (Lisa has been taking some really great photos with her new camera, as you can see - unless noted otherwise all the photos posted here were taken by her.)

When we came to the last song, "Oklahoma Kids, a Kaleidoscope," Evalyn signaled to me that she wanted to come back up to sing again. She lead the chorus herself, singing each line for the audience to repeat, and she did a fantastic job. This was our first time to perform that one together.

Speaking of "Oklahoma Kids, a Kaleidoscope," that song is featured as Evalyn's pick in Lisa's latest podcast. Yes, a new edition of the Kids Music Planet Podcast is now available!! You can download it from the Kids Music Planet Podcast page.

Oh, and all the butterflies are out now (see yesterday's post). This morning Evalyn and I actually watched one emerge! That was very lucky - it happened mighty fast.

Well, we have an early start and a late night tomorrow, so good night, and I may not post again until Wednesday...

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