Thursday, June 28, 2007

McLoud & Tecumseh

Here is Evalyn on the stage at Tecumseh, modeling my Chuck Taylors. What's the number one question kids ask me these days? Why are your shoes two different colors? Why are they? Well, red is for OU and orange is for OSU. I've got to support them both if I'm going to travel all over the state singing songs about Oklahoma.

We had two great shows today, and we didn't get washed away. The rain even had the courtesy to pause for us while we loaded the sound system in and out. We've had incredible luck that way all week!

For the next six days we'll be home with no shows!! Whatever will we do with ourselves?

Lisa will be sending out CDs to judging families for the Children's Music Web Awards this weekend. Would your family like to help decide which are the best children's music CDs this year? Write to me, or post a comment, and we'll get you set up. Judges get to keep the CDs they judge.

I'll be helping my parents learn how to use the new computer they bought. (Hi Mom, how does the blog look now that you can see it properly?)

Hopefully we'll get a new Kids Music Planet Podcast posted.

I intend to do some songwriting and recording. And I need to put a show together for my Kansas gigs - they've got a different theme.

Right now though it's time to get some sleep.

See you at the library!

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