Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Noble & Newcastle

Here are a couple of photos from the Noble library, where they have recently renovated with a brand new program room, teen room, activity room, and children's area. Very cool. The train is part of the new children's area. The second photo is Evalyn and I singing "Oklahoma Annie." We are getting better and better at that song; we've added a bit of harmony at the end, which Evalyn hit perfectly both shows today. The song seems to be a favorite with everyone.

The show at Newcastle this afternoon went particularly well. They had teen volunteers who sat in the audience among the kids and acted as role models and behavior monitors. As a consequence the kids did very well with staying focused on the program and participating.

Lisa, Evalyn and I are all glad to be home tonight after two nights in a hotel and three days performing. This morning was the first time this summer I got the "I'm too worn out - I don't want to do this again today!" feeling. But it went away once we got going, and after 29 shows, I'd say it's amazing I hadn't felt it already. After tomorrow we'll get a well-earned break: six days in a row with no shows!

But first we'll be heading to McLoud and Tecumseh to wrap up the Pioneer Library System tour. We saw on the news that there was flooding in Tecumseh yesterday, and more rain is likely tomorrow. Hopefully we won't get too wet.

See you at the library!

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