Friday, June 15, 2007

Oooh, Stickers!

Whew - we made it home, and we have successfully completed our longest week of the summer! All the shows went very well this week.

Today we were in Marietta and Wilson.

At Marietta there was a cute little girl, probably not yet two, who must've liked the look of my guitar case with all its stickers. She walked right up front while I was singing. I employed my toddler aversion tactic, which is to say I bent down and sang directly to her. She backed warily away, but after another minute or two she tried again, and this time she was quicker. She grabbed my case by the handle, lifted it, and was attempting to walk off with it by the time her adult caught hold of her! We all had a good laugh over that!

Wilson was a great show - we had a pretty small crowd, but lots of enthusiastic participators, both kids and adults, so it was fun. Poor Evalyn was asleep in her mom's lap, and Lisa had to wake her so that she could sing "Oklahoma Annie."

But Evalyn stayed awake for the three hour drive home. I think we all caught a burst of energy knowing the week is over and the weekend upon us. At home she ran around with the neighborhood gang and got herself soaked in the rain puddles. At one point there were seven kids in a circle bending down with their heads together looking at a slug. I wish I'd had a camera.

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