Monday, June 04, 2007

Dispatch From the Road - Tahlequah

We are in Tahlequah, and we did two shows today at the library. The crowds were great; the room was full both times and the kids participated and listened very well.

Daddy (me) messed up and left behind the little doohickey that connects Evalyn's microphone into the sound system. So she had to sing her parts in "Oklahoma Annie" without benefit of amplification. That maybe was a good thing, because the room got very quiet for that song in order to hear her well.

Evalyn did a fantastic job singing. She says it was fun and exciting to sing for the crowd. She compared it to going to a birthday party because it was fun and special. What a trooper!

I wanted to post a photo or video clip, but we don't have the doohickey that connects the camcorder to the computer! Have you noticed we are suffering a shortage of doohickeys around here?

Well, we'll get to it soon. See you at the library!

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